Basics of VHF Marine Radio

Safety gear for Sea fishing: 7 Basics of VHF Marine Radio

Do you want to know how to use a marine radio? If your answer is Yes, then we will assist you to use it without any confusion. Excited, right? If you are a sailor then you can realize the value of a VHF marine radio very well. The importance of this radio for making any emergency call cannot be overstated.

In this guideline, we will teach you how to use a marine radio step by step and we will also discuss the Basics of VHF marine Radio Use. So, take a cup of cappuccino and enjoy the whole guidelines.

What is VHF Marine radio?

Marine VHF radio is needed for connecting between aircraft and ship via bidirectional voice. This VHF radio is also used to better communication between the two places: ship to ship, ship to shore, etc.

You can call an emergency in case of a sudden storm in the sea. Usually, a network is needed to make a call somewhere with a mobile, but this type of radio does not need like a mobile network.

Ship’s sailors more commonly use the VHF radios. However, the type of radio is being used for fishing and kayaking. It is one of the very fundamental tools of safe communication at sea. It is considered to be one of the safety gear. Fishing, kayaking, and boating cannot be imagined without a VHF radio.

7 Basics of Marine VHF Radio Use

There are some guidelines or basic rules for using each item. If you have an idea before buying a VHF marine radio, it will come in handy. Then let's see what you need to know:


The first thing I want to talk about is Licensing. This will only become important when you move from one area to another. Suppose you are a local citizen of the USA, but you have to go to a country in Europe.

What to do at this moment? The first thing you will need at this time is Licensing. Those who are American citizens must have an FCC license. However, if you are a US citizen, you do not need to use a license to travel to the United States.

This license is required to use radios and other equipment. If you want to communicate or send a signal from one ship to another then you must get a license.

Using a VHF Radio is not a difficult task. First you turn on the radio, then select the channel of your choice. One thing to keep in mind is that when you use the radio, you must select a noise-free place.

But which channel works best? Yes there are currently several radio channel brands. The work of each channel is different. You need to be careful about selecting channels. Suppose you are not communicating with anyone then you should use Channel 9.

Channel 16 does the same thing. When you communicate with someone, choose the channel of your choice and talk (excluding channels 16 and 9). Use channel 69,71,72 when you talk to someone.

VHF Radio Communications

VHF radios are not a type of telephone or mobile. With this type of radio you can give important news very fast. However, it has a specific area. If you select a channel and want to say something important to the nearest ship, you have to say it with a bidirectional voice.

When you talk to another person through one channel, no one else will be able to use your same channel. So you try to talk shortcut. So that anyone else can use the channels.

So if you are brand new then these things must be kept in mind. This will make your use very easy and smooth. Keep in mind, however, that you can't use it to give the wrong signal. Giving the wrong signal is a legally punishable offense.

The VHF Radio Course

Experience is essential before using anything. If you do not have any experience then it is important for you to take a course. After completing the course, you will get a certificate from that institution. You must be qualified to use a VHF radio.

A certificate will show you as eligible to operate a VHF radio. So you don't want to become eligible? A good quality course will help you to master all the techniques of running VHF radio with ease.

You can do this type of course online or offline from anywhere. If you want to do it offline, you can easily get the certificate by taking the course from any one of the training centers. On the other hand, if you want to do it online, you can take the course from other big platforms including Udemy.

Digital Selective Calling

If you want to give a specific message to someone then this procedure is for you. Digital Selective Calling is a type of service that is used to give an emergency to a specific person.

Suppose you are a sailor, now it is important to contact the pilot of a ship in your vicinity. Then you can use this service directly.

This type of service people usually use to avoid accidents. Occasionally large ships crash into the sea. They then use this service to seek help from nearby ships.

If you are a sailor, it is important to have a clear idea of these issues. They will also inform you about this when you do the course.

Emergency calls on channel 16

If your ship falls into a storm for any reason, you can get help using channel 16. With Channel 16 you can reach anywhere in the world

This channel usually provides 156.8 MHz frequency. So it is possible to send the signal to another VHF channel in any part of the country or the world.

Use Channel 16 only when you need to send an emergency call or signal. You can also use other channels.

Radio Protocol and Etiquette

Everything has a different purpose, this is no exception. This type of device is used to quickly communicate from one place to another.

There are also special ways to call an emergency in case of any danger. But there are some things you have to comply with.

No military or financial information should be shared with this type of device. Also any kind of sensitive issues should not be said with this device.

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Final word

A VHF radio can save your life, you can't deny it. If you are a sailor, it is important for you to know how to use this radio. If you don't know how to use marine radio, it can have very bad consequences. So you should know about its use. I am summarizing the whole content again before finishing the content

  1. Turn on VHF radio and choose the channel of your choice.
  2. Use Channel 16 or 9 for emergency calls.
  3. Use Channel 69,60,71,72 to talk about anything.
  4. Do not share any military information with this radio.

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