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How to Use a Pole Saw

How to Use a Pole Saw – A Definitive Guide

It’s fun when you can trim off the vines and branches from the trees with regular chainsaws. But things get a little more complicated when the branches are way higher than your reach. Pole saws come as a savior in this case. It’s the same chainsaw, with a pole attached to it.

But it’s not that easy to operate, either. You need to make sure you’re taking safety measures and other precautionary steps before you are shredding the vines from the top of the tree. To make it as enjoyable as possible, we are going to discuss how to use a pole saw.

If you are planning on using one, stick to this post till the end!

What Is A Pole Saw?

A pole saw is simply a chainsaw at the end of a pole. The pole is there to make it easy for the saw to reach higher points on a tree. A pole saw can be powered by electricity (corded or cordless), gas, and even be a non-powered manual one.

Types Of Pole Saw

Pole saws are basically of three types. Depending on how the saw is powered and used, you can find three significant variants in the market. These are gas pole saw, electric pole saw, and manual pole saw.

  • Gas Pole Saw
  • Electric Pole Saw (Cordless & Corded)
  • Manual Pole Saw

Gas Pole Saw

These pole saws are powered by gas, and it comes with a cord attached to it. If you pull the cord, the machine gets started, and it sounds exactly like a motor. Professionals are seen using gas-powered pole saws just because of the versatility of it.

The power backup is way higher than the electric ones, and the freedom of movement is more than a corded one. As for the trimming power, the gas pole saw is packed with excellent strength to cut down the hardest of branches from the top of the tree.

Electric Pole Saw

Electric saws are powered by electricity. The motor inside is run by AC or DC power and is triggered by the electric current. This is of two types - corded and cordless.

Corded pole saw are always connected to a power source. This may sometimes be a bit irritating if you need to move further than your cord allows.

Cordless electric saws are battery-powered devices. These are totally cord-free and can be taken to wherever you want. But the only downside is, it has specific runtime. Once the battery-charge is down, you need to either recharge the battery or replace it with a new one.

Manual Pole Saw

As you can assume, the manual pole saw is a simple saw attached to a pole with no power drive. You simply need to exhibit your cutting and trimming skills without the help of any machinery backup.

How to use a pole saw? go with a few easy steps

Although many may think what’s in it to learn how to use a pole saw, the reality is that obvious is often remains unseen. In this part, we will look at some of the steps and ways you can efficiently use a pole saw.

Step : 01 Clean off the work zone

You are going to make some hazard now. So you better clean the place from people and fragile items around. Don’t let kids or anyone enter the zone as it may hurt them. Move anything that can get broken or damaged if a branch falls on it.

Step : 02  Plan about the cutting area

Now you need to make sure which part of the tree you are going to trim. Don’t just get started with the saw. Devise a plan and make sure you are sticking to it. When you are done planning, you can begin.

Step : 03  Start with the lower branches 

Obviously, it would be best if you started by trimming off the lower branches of the tree. This will make a smooth path for the upper branches to land on the ground in a hassle-free way. Otherwise, the trimmed branches would get stuck to the lower branches.

Step : 04 Stand in a safe zone

Don’t stand directly under the branch you are cutting. The branch will definitely fall over your head. Stand a bit on the side of the tree so that you can see the branch falling before you, and you are safe.

Step : 05 Adjust the pole length

Depending on the height of the branch you are trying to cut, you need to adjust the pole's length. Most pole saws do have a length adjustment option, so you don’t need to worry about adjusting it.

Step : 06 Position the blade

The blade house of the saw is movable. So before you push the pole upwards, make sure you are positioning the saw correctly. Use both of your hands to do this, and you can feel the added control over the saw once it is up there.

Step : 07 Start the cut

Now, when you are cutting a branch, never hurry. Start slowly and be steady. If you are going too fast initially, the blade will definitely slip off, and you won’t have any control over it. Try making a groove in the branch by starting a gentle cut.

Step : 08 Finish the cut

Once you have made a groove, you can now speed up your cutting process. Accelerate the speed, and you can cut down the branch pretty easily. As for the limbs, it’s not that hard; just a simple push can get your job done.

Step : 09 Clean up the area

Once you are done with your cut, you can see that you have made a mess on the ground. So take your time to clean all the trimmed vines and branches up and make it a clean zone.

Pole Saw Safety Tips

Congratulations, you now know how to use a pole saw. But without following the safety rules, you are never safe in using this tool. Try to follow the following tips to make a successful, safe cut every time.

  1. Go through the guideline of the pole saw that you have bought. Make sure you know how every part of it works.
  2. Put on all the safety gears like goggles, earbud, gloves, and shoes.
  3. Don’t use the device to cut bushes as it is only made for pruning.
  4. Examine the pole saw every time before use to find out if there are any issues with it.
  5. Always take a safe position while cutting the branches.

Final Words

Although it’s not quite a hard nut to crack, even the most professional users sometimes go off-track to lack proper knowledge on how to use a pole saw. It takes time to get used to such a long device and have a good grip over it.

We hope our discussion here today has made it extremely easy for you to understand how to trim and prune branches using a pole saw safely and soundly.

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