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the parts of a hammer

Name the parts of a hammer

Hammer is one of the world's most ancient tools, dated 3.3 million years back from now. It is undoubtedly one of the essential tools in our day-to-day life. A hammer can be used in making or destroying things. In ancient times it was also seen in war as a deadly weapon.

Hammer has thousands of different uses, from shaping metal objects to diving nails in woods, even in rocks. The modern hammer is usually made of stainless-steel offering more power and durability.

This tool comes in tons of sizes and shapes depending on your need. If you are a professional or just curious about hammers, then you must understand it top to bottom.

Here in this piece, we will be discussing the parts of a hammer. So if you are up for it, let's begin.

Uses of a Hammer in woodworking

Hammer is commonly used in woodworking. Whenever you need to drive or remove nails from wood, this tool can be your trump card. Besides that, you can also use a hammer to fit parts, shatter objects, or forged metals.

It comes in different varieties as far as the design is concerned. And when it comes to a woodworking project, the hammer you need is called a carpenter hammer.

Types of Hammer

The necessity of hammers in our daily life is undeniable. You need a hammer whether you need to fix or build things. And the type of hammer you need to get entirely depends on the category of your work.

There are about 40 types of hammers available nowadays. Obviously, we can't discuss all those types here today. Let's just focus on the top 3 most used hammers today.

Ball Peen Hammer

Engineers generally use this hammer. Its rounded pein can easily recognize it. You can use it if you need to round the edge of any metal pins, close rivets, fasteners, or shaping metal. In the peening fabrication method, this tool is quite well-known.

Claw Hammer

Claw hammer is easily recognizable among all the other hammers out there. You will see a curved and forked claw in the rear of this hammer. This part helps to grip nail heads and let the operator lever out the nails. Claw hammer is found in almost every workshop and house.

Sledge Hammer

The sledgehammer comes with a double metal head that quite looks like a mallet. However, this hammer is able to do heavy or large blows. You can use it if you need to drive stakes or to break up the concrete wall and so on.

The Parts of a Hammer every DIy should know

Hammers come with a number of parts that you must have knowledge of. In this section, we are going to talk about the different parts of a hammer.

The Handle

Some hammer comes with a wooden grip and some with rubber. Choosing one is entirely a subjective matter. However, the rubber handle will give you a more comfortable and tighter grip which will result in more power. The performance of the hammer also depends on the size and shape of the handle.

But you would want to get the one that offers more comfortable to grasp—the length, weight, and diameter depending on the hammer's style.


The Head is one of the essential parts of a hammer as it handles the heavy lifting. The weight and size totally rely on your choice. Some people prefer the lighter Head, and some go for the heavier ones.


The throat is a part of the Head that is there to connect the neck to the face. However, not all the hammers have a throat, for instance, a sledgehammer. An electrician needs a hammer with long throats.


This is another crucial part of a hammer. The most common difference in the face with hammers is its diameter. Some hammer comes with a small face, such as a tack hammer, and some with a large face, such as a sledgehammer.


The neck is found near the Head that joins to the handle. It gives an excellent balance to the hammer. And the length of it totally relies on the category of hammer you buy.


You won't find a claw in all hammers, for example, track and sled hammers. This part is used to detach nails or rip wood. Also, work as a quasi ax that can rip stuff apart.


The hole you see at the bottom of the Head is called the eye. When it comes to steel-made hammers, you won't find an eye, but you can find them easily in hammers with wooden handles.

The Difference Between A Hammer and A Mallet

The prime difference between a hammer and a mallet is in their Head part. The Head of a hammer is made of metal, while the Head of the mallet is non-metallic. If you are searching for a hammer for your woodworking project, you will require both of these.

Final Words

A hammer makes construction, fixation, woodwork, and so many types of work easier. The modern hammer features many facilities that can help you get your project done a lot faster than before.

Among tons of different types of hammers, choosing one that suits your work could get a little bit tricky. But as you are now well-aware of the parts of a hammer and their variations, that shouldn't be an issue anymore.

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