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What Is A Miter Saw

What Is A Miter Saw?

What Is A Miter Saw?

The definition of a miter saw is embedded in the name itself. A saw that can make miter cuts or crosscuts in a material (either wood or plywood) is known as a miter saw. The miter saw has a teethed-blade in the middle of the device. It needs to be placed down onto the material you need to cut. The workpiece is kept on an even surface below the miter saw.

The way a miter saw is used is pretty interesting. Unlike most common saws that we use, a miter saw is a kind of fixed to its place. You need to bring the workpiece towards the miter saw blade to make a cut. In the case of a normal miter saw, you just need to push the workpiece towards the blade. On the other hand, if you are using a sliding miter saw, you need to pull the blade forward and then push it back across the width of the workpiece to make the cut.

When you are using a miter saw, the wood piece is pushed and placed towards the miter blade. Being a miter saw, the blade can give you an angled cut from 45 degrees to even 90 degrees. To get this cut, you need to angle the wood piece to the measured angle.

Types Of Miter Saw

Although the basics of a miter saw are pretty straightforward, there are different versions of a miter saw, as well. Here are some of the most common miter saw types that are used for regular cutting works.

  • Standard Miter Saw
  • Compound Miter Saw

Standard Miter Saw

The standard miter saw is the most basic miter saw that you could use. It comes with a pretty simple set up, and the blade is fixed in the middle of the saw. You can’t move it right or left except by just lowering it down towards the flat surface below.

It allows you to cut in different angles, which can be at least, 45-degree and 90-degree. It’s the basic idea of a standard miter saw.

Compound Miter Saw

The compound miter saw is a bit more efficient than the standard one. It can get you towards an angle that allows you to cut beyond a 90-degree angle. Plus, it offers you a bevel cut, as well. This generally means you can cut through the thickness of the wood, as well.

Now, a compound miter saw can lean on its right or left. Depending on which side it can lean, there are two types of compound miter saws. One, a single-compound miter saw, which generally leans towards its right.

Second, a dual-compound miter saw that can lean towards both the right and left sides. So, on a single-compound saw, you just get a bevel cut from one side. And with a dual-compound miter saw, you can get a bevel cut from both sides of the device.

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