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What is joinery

What is joinery | The benefits of a joinery?

Do you want to hire someone who is involved in woodworking to decorate your new house? Carpenters and Joiners are two classes of people involved in woodworking. So who should you hire? People have an idea about Carpenters, but they don't know What is Joinery?

If you can hire the right people for your project then your work will be done properly. So, our guideline is who is the right person for your project. Joinery or carpenters? In this article, we will talk in detail about a joinery and benefits of a joinery.

So, Let's get started.

What is Joinery?

In simplest definition, joinery is a professional woodworking expert who is a specialist in joining two or more pieces of wood with each other. A joinery can do gluing, nailing, or screwing perfectly. In this sense, there is little difference between carpenters and joiners.

You may have seen beautiful design stairs inside different houses. Many people also use wood to design the interior of the house.

There are many who like to use uniquely designed beds. Who has thought of all these things? Yes, we see carpenters just installing.

A joinery plays the most important role in pairing one wood with another. The job of a joinery is to make a unique design with a wood and make it joint with one another.

Benefits of Joinery

Dado and Rabbet Joints

There is far difference between the bricks, stones made house and wood mades house. Brick is a man-made object, while wood is a completely natural object.

Home designs made of bricks and stones are much more expensive. In addition, these types of designs reduce the space inside the house. The result will feel like your prison.

On the other hand, with a Joinery you can make many beautiful designs with wood. In this section we will discuss some of the benefits of Joinery. Let's have a look.

Increasing Light Source

If you do not get enough sunlight after remodeling your home then you should try a joinery. Maybe a joinery can solve your problem. A joinery will remove your unnecessary things and attach some new things made of wood. This will make the interior of your house as beautiful as the outside light will be able to enter the room.

Creative Style

If you plan to decorate your new home or office beautifully, you can do it at a very low cost. Yes, a joinery can design your whole house in a very unique way. They are experts at making wooden stairs, windows and doors as well.

Sometimes we need the Kreg R3 Pocket Hole Jig System for accurate design. You can also decorate your room with wood in a very beautiful way. Making a wooden frame and putting it on the wall will enhance the beauty of your house. Which is possible only through joinery.

Custom Furniture

Furniture customization is very important if you want to decorate your home beautifully. A joinery can create custom cabinets, shelving, which is enough to change the look of your home. In addition, these joinery experts can make your home furniture in a new way.

Right Decorations

You can probably buy a piece of furniture or a premade item from outside in a very short time. This type of furniture is not as functional as it looks.

If you want to use a piece of furniture for a long time, you should buy wood and hire a joinery. A joinery can create any kind of design you want. These will be very durable as well as smart design.

Money Saving

If you want to decorate your room with bricks or stones, it will cost a lot more. On the other hand, a joinery will help you save money by calculating everything. You can design your house with wood from your garden if you wish. This will only cost your joinery.

Experienced carpenters use a various type of clamps such as Corner Clamp, Carriage Clamp or C-clamp, Strap Clamp, Trigger-Activated Bar Clamp, Wood Screw Clamp, parallel clamps to make the joints effective and stronger.

Joiner vs Carpenter - What's The Difference?

What’s the difference between a joiner and a carpenter? This is a common question that someone ask regularly both professionals. Joiners and carpenters are both involved in woodworking.

Many consider these two classes of people to be the same profession. Of course there are some reasons for this. In some Asian countries, these two professions are done by one person.

So what should they say? Amazing, right?

If you want to demolish your old house and do it in a new way, who will you give the responsibility to and who will you hire? In this section we will discuss comparative. This may still be unclear to anyone, so let’s take a deep explanation. So let's get started.

Carpenter: Hire a carpenter when you are demolishing or fixing the house. A carpenter plays a very efficient role in this regard. A carpenter knows how to break down every door or window and fix it again. This means a carpenter will fix or installing ingredients into a building.

Typical Jobs for a Carpenter

  • Fitting floors
  • Fitting staircases
  • Fixing window frames
  • Installing cupboards and shelving
Joiner: When you go to build a new house, you have to build a lot of new things. Now you can hire a joiner. A joiner will make new doors, windows, wooden frames, etc. in your home. But the job of installing with the door wall is the carpenter's. But to make everything creative, you must have a joiner.

Typical Jobs in Joinery

  • Making doors adn window frames
  • Building fitted furniture
  • Building Stairs

Whats the relationship between Joiners and a Carpenters

Naturally, joiners and carpenters work together on larger projects such as building a house or renovation. However, it is important to remember, that although a Joiners build a nice door for you, to fit it into a building, probably any carpenter will do a good job.

The same goes for a carpenter make a door; it may be possible but likely not as high quality.

Some of the joinery Techniques?

To be a joinery you need to know many types of "Join techniques". We learned a few Joinery techniques while talking to a joinery.

Half Lap joints

# 1 Tongue & Groove Joint: Tongue and groove joint means to put small pieces of wood together. These small pieces of wood may be needed for various purposes.

Some small pieces of wood are needed to attach the handle of different furniture. Also many people want to make a wooden floor, then this Tongue and groove joint is needed later.

# 2 Cross Lapped Joint: You may have seen a lot of joinery being cut a little in the middle of a wood and another wood join is being given there. If you do not know this technique, then I would say this is Cross Lapped Joint. This type of joint is used to create various beautiful shaped frames.

# 3 Rabbet and Dado Joints: This type of joint is used to make any part of the bed. This joint is used to pair one square shaped wood with another square shaped wood.

A long line is drawn on the side of a piece of wood, then another piece of wood is set up there.

# 4 Dovetail Joint: This type of joint can be seen on both sides of the bed. This joint is usually used to attach one part of the bed to another. This joint looks a lot like the fingers of a hand.

# 5 Butt Joint: Butt joint means to attach one large piece of wood to another piece of wood. Usually this joint is needed when a wooden frame is given a beautiful shape.

What is the Strongest Joint for Wood?

Many of us usually ask this question. Mortise and tenon joints are the most powerful joint methods since the beginning of woodworking. It is a kind of classic and powerful joint method.

This joint is used to attach large pieces of wood together. The part of the wood to be attached is called "mortise" and the part to be attached to another piece of wood is called "tenon joint".

Final word

You always ask us, "what is joinery?" I hope I have been able to give you an idea about this through this article. If you are worried about who to hire for your new home then this content will be useful for you.

Also, if you want to see yourself in this profession, then by reading this article you can learn about joinery benefits & types of joints. If you have any questions about this you can let us know via email or comment.

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