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Why do you need an air compressor

Why do you need an air compressor

Air compressors can be intricate, it is! But it is also one of the most advantageous machines to have in your working department. There are many perks of having an air compressor. The manufacturing department is an example where you need a completely sealed and immaculate piece of work. Here air compressors can produce clean air and efface all the shabby bits.

It is also a versatile tool that can be used to sandblast, spray paint or fix flat tires if needed. In agriculture, sprayer pumps are needed to be run on an air compressor. The HVAC system also relies on air compressors. We can name a ton of use for it. Let's break it down further in the latter section.

How does an air compressor work?

These machines are one of the most vital portable tools to have in a workshop. It is evolving day by day and manufacturers are making things easier for the users. Let's see how it works.

First air is forced inside a compartment and pressurized by the machine. When in need you can use the flow of clean air later on. COmpressors need an external engine to make it work and the electricity is turned into kinetic energy to give it the boost.

Compression of the air is complicated, it needs positive and dynamic displacement depending on the type of the machine. Reciprocation, rotary vane, and rotary screw type compressors work on positive displacement. Single staged pistons and two-stage type compressors are available too. they work in different ways, single-stage compresses the air on one side of the piston, on the other hand, the other side flushes it as necessary.

On two way compressors, there are two chambers and pistons at work. They are water-cooled continuously through the engine. A bit expensive but viable for factories.

Then there is an axial compressor that needs turbine blades to move in the air. These are not used as much as the two we talked about before but these are useful in aircraft.

Centrifugal compressors have rotating impellers that take in the air and compress it. More kinetic energy is generated by it, thus the rate of flow is curbed by a diffuser. The HVAC (Heating, ventilation and airconditioning) system uses centrifugal compressors.

Why is an air compressor a must-have tool?

It is the most multifaceted machinery to have in your workshop/. Its versatility is second to none. You can sandblast and use it on flat tires, simple paint spraying and cleaning jobs to the more intricate factory work. Working in factories or big jobs a rotary compressor is a must to make use of clean air.

In-home and DIY jobs, a reciprocating compressor can do the job just fine. The basic is that it helps you with the cleaning by producing high pressurized clean air. PAint jobs can be done easier with air compressors than with a paint tool. Spraying paint can be a fun talk and easy to deal with air compressors.

For woodworking, blow off sawdust and hook up your nail gun to the compressor to make it effective. Construction jobs need air compressors more than anyone. IT helps them to work on nail guns, wrenches, drills and much more.

There is no limit and endless positives to having an air compressor. For workshop needs or home tasks, an air compressor is the best choice we would suggest to you. It is affordable and comes in varying sizes.

Just pick the one you need for your job.

Well, let's talk about 7 important reasons why you need an air compressor.

Construction sites

Workers in a construction job with an air compressor save them time and energy. How? COmpressors are efficient in providing the adequate pressure needed rather than dealing with other hard to use tools. It makes things easier even when you are in an optimum pressure situation.

Lastly, it makes you work fast and gives you faster service. Rotary screw compressors are something that can be used on hard surfaces in construction sites. As shortly as we can mention it, air compressors are safer and easy to use for new learners, DIYers and Professionals.

It won't have the risk of electrocution and yet provide you with the most efficient way of working with it. YOu can turn low-pressure gas into high-pressure gas in a flash with this handy tool. The airflow along with your workflow will be helped in a positive way for sure.

Home works

Air compressors and home-works go together very well. You can't imagine what you can do with this tool. Let us break down. For example faster cleaning, better than a vacuum.

Then you can quickly dry anything you need. Also, you can inflate anything that needs air. You can push paint and redo the surface for a better finish.

You can power pneumatic tools with an air compressor, like nail guns and all. YOu can clean electronics, use it on weeding the surface of your outdoors and many more.


People who are into woodworking know how difficult it is to deal with scraps, bits and pieces. Air Compressors are a tool that can make their task easier. Without using a nail gun you can effectively use a compressor instead.

Crank the nail gun on the compressor and let it work like a horse. Pneumatic clamps, blowers, spray guns can also be used using an air compressor.

Auto repair

Well, auto repairs demand a tool like an air compressor. Suppose you are working in a garage, removing spark plugs, interchanging fuel filters or even moving up critical screws and bolts from tight spaces, air compressors can do wonders rather than other machines.

If you need power cleaning, attach it with a hose and see what it can do to blow off the steam from your workload. Inflate your car tires or anything in a flash and thank us for recommending this.

Spray painting

Paint jobs are complicated, believe it or not. No matter y9ou have the best sprayer out there. IF y9ou have a tool like an air compressor you are font to have fun while doing the paint job.

Use a good sprayer on a compressor and let it work effectively and faster. MAke the layerings smooth and pristine.

You won't need a bucket of paint to paint your furniture with brushes. Using a compressor and practice will make your job perfect.


Cleaning tight spaces is critical. Air compressors help you to reach the most complex places and out all the flotsam and jetsam off easily. In this situation, small compressors work best if the space is too tight. Big compressors are best for clearing out dust and debris from larger surface areas.

Sandblasting or sanding

Woodworkers know the knack of dealing with chipped wood and sawdust. So air compressors are one of the best things to clear out the first that we call wood leftovers.

In construction 10 to 20 CFM air compressors can deal with smaller sandblasting tasks. Moving to a larger workspace like industrial work, 50-100 CFM can be a good choice.

Sandblasting (abrasive removal) and sanding (clearing a surface) is not the same job, but both these tasks can be performed with an air compressor efficiently.


Now if you ask why you need an air compressor, you have your answer in this article like crystal clear water. There are so many benefits that you must know. We have talked about them in the upper section. Give it a try and you may thank us later.

We have tried many air compressors and they are one of the most workable tools to have in an industry, home or DIYers compartment. CLeaning, auto repair, woodworking, sandblasting, home works, construction works will be trouble-free and effortless than a guarantee.

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